Reduction of CO2 and H2S from RO feed, RO permeate, cation exchange beds effluent and contaminated underground water

Corodex forced draft degasifiers are constructed from Polyethylene (PE) or Glass Reinforced Plastic with SS 316 distribution nozzles and Polypropylene stripping media. The degasifier is factory assembled complete with blower. The collection tank, circulation pump, chemical injection system and control panels are available as optional items. The benefits of using Corodex Forced Draft Degasifiers include:

  • Stabilize RO effluent and thus reduce corrosion of distribution piping and fittings
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of hydroxide solutions to adjust pH of RO effluent
  • Increase the oxygen level in RO effluent
  • Decrease the initial and running cost of RO
  • Decrease the an-ion bed exchange resin volume and consequently reduce overall cost
  • Eliminate H2S from contaminated water
  • Removes H2S from RO and reduce the possibility of RO membranes fouling with sulfur
  • Removes H2S from RO effluent and thus enhance its quality