About us

Corodex is one of the first companies in the region to offer water treatment services.
Since the early 1970's, we have been carefully following the development in the technologies of Water purification and Wastewater treatment.
By the year 2000, and after extensive research of our regional market demands in the field of water purification and wastewater treatment, Corodex Industries was established in Dubai with the goal of engineering, manufacturing, assembly and fabrication of various water purification and wastewater treatment equipment.

Industries Core activities are
• Water Purification Equipments and Plants
• Wastewater Treatment Equipments and Plants
• Odor Control Plants

Water Purification Equipments and Plants
Corodex Industries started with the engineering & assembly of packaged Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants. The Reverse Osmosis market is increasing rapidly due to the continuous growing demand for potable water worldwide. Corodex Industries is playing a vital role in meeting the world demand by supplying superior quality water purification plants.

Wastewater Treatment Equipments and Plants
Corodex Industries holds a licensee agreement with the reputed EFLO International, UK to fabricate and assemble packaged sewage treatment plants in UAE. EFLO has more than 40 years of experience in designing and building sewage treatment plants for both land and marine use. Installations include hotels, villages, hospitals, military camps, oil rig and accommodation platforms as well as cruise ships and war ships. Populations served are 10 - 30,000 persons. EFLO has references in the region since 1972, and has more than 500 wastewater treatment plants in operation worldwide. EFLO is expanding its activities to cover industrial wastewater treatment in addition to domestic sewage treatment.


Corodex Industries Standard Products

RO: Reverse Osmosis units for removal of minerals and total dissolved solids (TDS)
Media Filters: Reduction of total suspended solids (TSS)
AC Filters: Activated Carbon Filters for reduction of organic matters (TOC) and chlorine (Cl2)
Iron & Manganese removal filters: Filters to remove Iron and Manganese ions
Softeners: Removal of total hardness
Deionizers: Total removal of total dissolved cations and anions
Chemical Injection Systems: Used for pH adjustment, chlorination, and dechlorination
Degasifiers: Reduction of CO2 and H2S from raw and treated RO water
RiverPure: Treatment of sweet river water to WHO drinking water standards
DialysisPure: Purification of water required for Hemodialysis machines
Odor Control: Removal of unpleasant odor from Sewage Treatment plants and wet waste