Corodex Industries Co. LLC , is  a  professional company devoted to build a strong customer relation base to deliver a wide range of quality products. With a history of service excellence that has evolved through the decades, our organization leads a Group of Companies/ Business Operating Units, incorporating a variety of business activities in the fields of Designing, Manufacturing, Servicing and Trading.

We at Corodex Industries, have committed ourselves to provide and exceed our customers expectations and contractual requirements through:

Employee: We recognize our employees as the most valuable asset of the organization. On the basis of merit hiring the right incumbent for the right position, we value their skills and knowledge and we lead, motivate and empower them through a working environment that advances our business objectives.

Products/ Services: Our objective is to provide products or services that meets or exceeds customers satisfaction. We deliver the customer the right  product or service at the right time at the right quantity, quality and price.

Processes: We have implemented ISO 9001:2008 to define and control our processes and ensure that they are conforming with the set policies. Our aim is to reach to the most efficient way of carrying out the tasks to enhance our business relations with customers.

Customers: Customer Satisfaction is recognized as the number one  priority in our organization as our success is directly linked to the satisfaction of the customer towards his final output of the quality of our product and services.

Corodex Industries Co. LLC is an enterprise that retains a tradition of integrity and is on the path to expand  and continually improve in line with the market trends.

Mahmood Awad
Managing Director

Rev. 1 02/01/2012