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Meed Quality Award for Projects Winner 2012

Corodex Electromechaninc has won MEED Quality Award for Projects 2012 for Indoor Vacuum Sanitation System for Alain Wildlife Park and Resort (UAE Winner for Water Reuse Project of the Year for 2012)


Project Name: Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre and UAE World Desert
Scope of work: Supply of indoor Vacuum Sewage Collection System
End user: Al Ain Wild Life Park and Resort


Corodex Electromechanic Co. LLC is celebrating after winning the ‘Water Reuse Project of the Year’ for UAE in the prestigious MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2012.

Corodex Electromechanic Co. LLC, “we are proud on being recognized as the National winners in our category (Water Reuse), however we are even more proud that the UAE and our client is willing to invest in such technology to address the water scarcity issues that exist in the region”, said Mohanned Awad, Director of Business Development for Concorde-Corodex Group.

In addition, the vacuum toilets save considerable large quantities of water. The consumption of flushing water per flush is only one liter instead of 6 to 15 liters with the conventional gravity system. Moreover, it also has additional advantages due to flexible piping layout.

Judged by an independent panel consisting of representatives from each GCC country and experts in the projects industry, the winners were selected on the basis of their economic, social and environment impact, as well as innovations and achievements in design, engineering and construction.