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Corodex Launches New Initiative to Transform Onsite Sampling and Analysis

Corodex, the leading water treatment company established in 1974, has announced the opening of a mobile veterinary clinic in collaboration with H.E Dr. Mohammad Saeed Al Kindy, minister of Environment and Water.

Corodex has designed and engineered the first mobile veterinary clinic for the Ministry of Environment and Water in Dubai. “Corodex is the first company to introduce the idea in the UAE that will change the way laboratory tests are conducted at various sites. It is an ideal tool for onsite sampling and analysis.” said Mohanned Awad, group marketing officer of Concorde-Corodex Group. “It was a challenging job to make it mobile, safe and secure. The clinic is compact, yet equipped with all necessary tools to conduct various sophisticated tests. Our engineers managed to finish the project in record time.” Added Awad.

The inauguration ceremony was held at the Ministry of Environment and Water Building and was attended by H.E Dr. Mohammad Saeed Al Kindy, Dr. Mohammad Abdul Rahman, and other ministry employees. Attending from Corodex were Osama Dahnous, Noor Ul Ain Mohammad, Faisal Ahmad, Kamel Marei, Manuel Dimabavao, and Edrien Genecirian.

Corodex, a part of Concorde – Corodex Group, is one of the first companies established in UAE to provide water purification and wastewater treatment services in the region. It has expanded its network ever since to the Asian and African markets.