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Corodex Industries secured the order for two 500 m3/d Membrane Bio Reactor units from Palm Water co.

Corodex Industries has recently awarded a fast track project for the supply, install and commission, operate and maintain for 24 months of two membrane bioreactor (MBR) unit with the capacity of 500 m3/d each. Corodex Industries will be the EPC contractor for the project. The reputed Eflo of UK is responsible for the engineering and design of the two MBR units model EfloMBR-500. In the last few years, Eflo has been working very hard to develop a unique MBR technology based on Constant Transfer External Submerged MBR. Despite that the MBR technology is supposed to be a much lower footprint technology as compared to the conventional activated sludge technologies; it still needs a huge balancing / equalization volume to balance the peak prior to treatment through the MBR. This has been the scenario for both the side stream and the submerged MBR configuration offered in the market so far. Eflo has introduced the Constant Transfer principle since more than 30 years and has been successfully using this principle in its extended aeration (EfloCT) and its submerged Aerated Biofilter (EfloSAF) products and shown to produce a consistent treated water quality in terms of TSS and BOD content. This consistency in treated water quality has been always a result of the constant transfer principle.
In The Constant Transfer External Submerged MBR (EfloMBR), again the need for equalization / balancing tank has been eliminated and that is a further large saving on both the CAPEX and OPEX of the MBR unit. The EfloMBR units will include also Clean-In-Place (CIP) units and are supposed to be supplied by last week of October and expected to be commissioned by first week of November and will be the first MBR units in operation in the Gulf region and maybe in the whole Middle East of its type. Treated water quality from EfloMBR units is far better than from conventional activated sludge processes and can reused for irrigation or in many industrial applications or for safe disposal into river or marine environment.

EfloMBR needs much lower disinfectants like Chlorine. EfloMBR can use standard UV lamps for disinfection whenever necessary instead of chlorine and thus have no effect on the eco life of river or marine. Eflo can offer these MBR packages up-to 10,000 m3/d for both permanent and temporary installation purposes. Mobile modules can be supplied up-to 12,000 m3/d and more.