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Fabrication Quality

Since its inception, Corodex Industries has supplied more than 80 units serving reputed clients within UAE and in neighboring countries like Algeria, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. The plants are designed and constructed to operate smoothly and trouble free utilizing the latest technologies in control and monitoring via carefully designed mode of operation software’s for each and every type of plants.

Corodex Industries plants are tailored to meet the client’s needs considering the raw water quality and the harsh environment of the region. The water purification units are designed and constructed to meet all demands for ultra pure water quality regulations to international standards for potable and industrial use. In addition to water purification, wastewater treatment packages are engineered according to international regulations for discharge into land or marine, or for reuse in restricted irrigation and landscaping.

Design and Fabrication Procedure

The design procedure undergoes through the following steps:

  • Preliminary design during quotation stage
  • Detailed design for consultant and client approval during awarding stage
  • Detailed shop design for fabrication

Each step is accurately revised and verified to make sure that it covers the goals set out by client in terms of quantity and quality of treated water. Whenever necessary, sampling and analysis of raw water is carried out in our in-house laboratory to make sure that the set design is proper. Once the design is verified and approved for fabrication, the unit is fabricated accordingly and each fabrication step is checked and verified according to the approved fabrication drawings.

After the fabrication of various units, the plant is factory assembled and tested. The testing includes mechanical, electrical and process performance by special simulation software to verify the mode of operation set by the process design team. An actual performance test is also carried out at the factory. Simulated raw water is prepared for testing purposes using clean and sterilized water. Once the performance test is completed, the plant is cleaned, flushed, sterilized, and prepared for packaging and shipment.

In RO systems, membranes are also factory installed in a special sanitized area considering the highest hygienic environment to prevent any bacterial contamination of membranes during loading. After the completion of membrane loading, the unit is tested to ensure the required salt rejection level and required permeate production flow rate. This is done using food grade sodium chloride solution prepared to the required salinity level for testing purpose. Prior to shipment, membranes are sanitized. In some cases where long shipping periods are expected membranes are loaded at site under the supervision of Corodex Industries engineers.

Our ISO9001:2008 approved facility contains all necessary high quality fabrication machinery and tools. An automatic orbital-welding machine for the welding purposes of the stainless steel high-pressure pipes for sea and brackish water RO plants is available. The factory also includes powder and epoxy coating facilities.

Configuration of Corodex Industries units

All Corodex Industries packaged units are skid-mounted on epoxy, powder coated steel, or stainless steel frames. Containerized configuration is also available as an option. The container is reinforced, insulated, air-conditioned, illuminated, and are also provided with exhaust fans and additional operator side doors. Other configuration for mobile purposes is also available on request.