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Saline Water

Sea/Saline water contains a significant concentration of dissolved solids. The concentration is usually expressed in parts per million (ppm) of salt. Sea water has a salinity of roughly 40,000 ppm and higher. We can classify water based on different salinity levels:

Fresh Water < 500 ppm
Brackish Water 1000 – 5000 ppm
Highly Brackish Water 5000 – 15000 ppm
Saline Water 15000 – 45000 ppm
Highly Saline Water up to 70000 ppm

Normally, moderately or highly salinated water is of little use to humans. Humans cannot drink salinated water, nor is it suitable for irrigating crops. Industry also rarely uses salinated water because of the effect salt water on metal components, among other reasons.

Corodex uses Reverse Osmosis water desalination process to remove dissolved solids from saline water. Middle East is a home of some of world’s largest Reverse Osmosis plants.

For more details on plants configurations and specifications, please visit the product page on SWRO (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis)